Evolv Review – An In Depth Look at Evolv Health

This is a quick review of a company that’s picking up a lot of momentum in the health and wellness centered Network marketing industry. If you’re thinking of getting in Evolv Health, DO NOT make a decision until you study this article.

The fact is if you have found this article you are looking into joining Evolve. As a student and teacher of network marketing I’ve found that before you enter into any particular company, it’s imperative that you do your research before you get in. This non-biased article was designed to deliver the facts so that the readers can make an educated choice on whether or not Evolv is the right company for them.

Evolv Health, LLC is a network marketing company created by a group of scientists in conjunction with a accomplished group of affluent entrepreneurs, professional marketers and direct sales aficionados. The company was co-founded and is lead by its now acting chairman, Mr. Trey White. Evolv is based in Dallas Texas and is currently doing business in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Peru.

Evolv Health is in the business of water…but it’s not just any normal bottle of water. It’s a “nutraceutical” beverage that that has over fifteen years of science, research and development that went in to Evolv’s proprietary ingredient. This ingredient is called the Archaea Active formula. This substance is designed to deliver all the health benefits of being properly hydrated along with a noticeable increase in stamina, endurance and energy. They claim that this formula can also help with uptake of nutrients, assist muscular recovery after exercise, boost circulation, boost immune functions, and give an overall improved mental clarity and alertness.

Now, you might be asking: can I profit with Evolv Health? And the answer is unquestionably, without a doubt yes! Evolv is still in their early stages of growth which means if they can stay alive their first 3-5 years of business, those that got in early have a good chance of producing some excellent profits. The fact that Evolv Health is monetarily backed by the very wealthy Trey White (I have heard rumors that He’s a billionaire) means that Evolv has a higher than average chance of “making it”.

Evolv Health has integrated the ever so popular “binary” compensation plan, which is one of the more popular comp plans around to date. The reason the binary comp plan has been so successful is due to the fact that it has been shown to be so lucrative for so many. One of the good things about the binary system is that it pays to infinity (usually). And yes, Evolv does pay to infinity. Another thing that lends to the popularity of the binary is that you only have to build 2 legs. It can really be quite successful IF you build evenly. Besides the binary structure, Evolv Health offers retail and preferred customer income, business builder bonuses, fast start bonuses, check match bonuses, one time rank advancement bonuses, and a whole host of other bonuses. Evolv also offers to pay your Benz and Bentley payments once a certain rank has been achieved.. All together Evolv gives, count em’, ten ways to make money!

In closing, Evolv is a good opportunity and can be lucrative IF you can build a large downline. Just joining Evolv in no way ensures success. At the end of the day your success will be a result of your work ethic and ability to personally sponsor and train distributors, build a large downline and properly duplicate your efforts. To do this properly you HAVE to know how to effectively market YOURSELF AS A LEADER. My recommendation for doing this with Evolv Health, or any MLM for that matter, is that you utilize a self branding attraction marketing system to not only establish yourself as a leader in the industry but to also have an never ending amount of prospects to talk to about your opportunity. Once you can integrate an effective offline building strategy with a system to produce quality and qualified leads via the internet, you can quickly climb the ranks in any MLM you can be on your way to having an explosive and lucrative organization.