Getting Targeted Traffic For Free Offline

I mean no disrespect to anyone! But, are we all crazy?! Do we all honestly think that the internet is now the only means of marketing? Don’t get me wrong, the internet is a brand new huge world in which we can utilize to advertise anything we want. What happened to the basics though. Everyone has been so focused on the idea of advertising online because they can just sit on their computer, punch away and hope to make “hundreds of thousands overnight”

I’m here to remind you that not everyone is online looking for what you have to offer. Don’t neglect your audience that’s not online. So let’s talk about how you getting targeted traffic for free can bring more people through to what it is you’re promoting.

Word of Mouth

Yes, I said it, word of mouth! We’re going old school! Talk to the people you know, talk to the people they know, talk to the people they know and so on! Talk to the people when you go to the store, go to networking events, go to highly populated areas like carnivals, fairs, conferences, parks and so on. Depending on what you’re promoting, visit the respective physical stores. If you’re promoting something that has to do with gardening, visit a gardening store frequently. If you’re promoting a business opportunity, visit a business related store (Office Max, Office Depot). You get it guys?! We’re talking about the health of your website and your financial future. What all are you willing to do to reach the success you desire?

Business Cards

Don’t pass up the opportunity to hand someone a piece of paper that has your name, number and website on there! The person you’re giving it to can use it, the person that they may give it to can use it and it may keep on going. This is huge. You don’t even have to count on anyone remembering the information because is well written out there for them along with easy access.

The Post Card

Let me talk about this baby, because this is HOT STUFF! This is, hands down, my favorite way to market offline and usually my most effective next to physically talking to someone. Now, these are a little different than what’s called a “drop card” in my opinion. Drop cards are a little smaller, a post card, well, is a post card sized card. You keep it brief, simple, flashy so that it pops, and have the information on there. This is a gold mind here! Depending on the size of your city and how well you utilize the post card you can receive hundreds, yes hundreds of targeted traffic!

This is some old school stuff, but actually highly effective! You do have to, sometimes, go to the people versus them coming to you. But, it’s your business and your website, you have to make this happen! I don’t share this information with you because I’m unsuccessful online, because I am. It’s just that far too many people neglect the power of offline marketing!