How to Promote a Website with Offline Advertising Part I

Everybody who has a website knows the main methods of advertising their site, but very few know how to promote a website with offline advertising. They all know about using PPC programs such as Google Adwords, and search engine optimizing, though very few know how to do it. The fact is that, although it was the first form of advertising, very few know how to use offline advertising for their online business.

It is a bit ironic really that all of the advertising techniques used since the serpent dangled the apple in front of Eve have been largely ignored by today’s internet fraternity. It was not always that way, and pioneering internet entrepreneurs, such as the late Corey Rudl, built their online empires on offline advertising. The reason for this is that there was no online advertising, and they had no option. However, Corey never forgot how he started, and his company still advertises offline as well as online.

Sometimes local offline advertising can be very productive. A typical example would be if you were promoting a health or sports-related product. Most local health centers or fitness clubs will allow you to put a poster up, offering products that could help their customers or members. Many retail outlets and shops will let you advertise for a small cost: a postcard or small poster is normal.

If you have a golf site, how about contacting all your local golf clubs. There are a lot of golfers that might take up your offer of an instructional ebook or video to cure them of some problem.