Offline Business Versus Internet Marketing

If you were planning an offline business, you would first have to think about finance, probably quite a large sum of money depending on the type of business. There would be premises, stock or raw materials, how many staff you would need, wage structure, insurance, health and safety etc. the list goes on and on.

That takes a certain type of planning to which some people have the right aptitude. It also requires a lot of resources, both physical and financial which are quite often beyond most of us.

In considering an internet business, many of those resources are either severely reduced or not even necessary. There is no need for premises, just a rudimentary office set-up in a small space in your own home, even in your garden shed as far from the television as you can get. The amount of finance required is drastically reduced as are staff requirements, insurance, health and safety etc.

All this would appear to make it an absolute no-brainer when it comes to choosing between offline and online business. Many of the skills are similar but the resource requirements are vastly different. Offline equals expensive set-up and maintenance costs, online equals very low set-up and very little maintenance cost.

Of course, an online business can grow to a point where one would need to employ assistants and technical expertise unless one wants to be tied to a computer for 24 hours a day, but by that time the business will have generated enough profit to more than cover the increased costs.

A major reason that stops many people from starting an online business is fear. Fear of the internet itself, fear of failure and the immense self doubt that holds many people back. There is also the widely held belief that online businesses are full of confidence tricksters and that all online training courses will cost a lot of money but give one very little in return.

The fact is that there are many such devious people and much worthless information available to the unwary on the internet, but there are also many ways to check the credentials of online advertisers. In fact it almost essential for would be entrepreneurs to do what is generally none as ‘due diligence’ before committing themselves to purchasing anything online. a simple search in Google or other search engines will generally reveal many reviews of well known products and the people behind the scenes!

As long as one only deals with well known or well recommended people or companies, the internet is a perfectly safe place to be in business.

To start an online business, for the most part one only needs three basic elements. Firstly, a domain name which gives one an online identity and costs usually less than $10 per year. There are many online companies selling domain names and are all very similar. Shop around for the best deal. Next, build or buy a website or set up a simple squeeze page. This can be done virtually for free or you can pay someone to due it for you, for which the price can vary wildly and requires serious thought. Once one has a website, then a hosting account is required to put it online and viewable to the world. Hosting companies, again there are many, usually charge about $10 dollars per month.

Now you are in business and when you attract visitors (known as traffic) to your website, you are now in a position to sell. This is a very simplified way to set up a business in today’s internet. Naturally, the are quite a few computer skills that need to be learned before any of this is possible, but anyone with basic IT training should have little problem with these.

To sum up, a simple internet business is in reach of anyone who can type, has a reasonably modern computer, can connect to the internet and has a relatively small financial capability.

Overcome the fear, and the doubt, set your goals, gain the education and the sky is your limit.