List Building With Offline Advertising

List building offline can be challenging and it is also more expensive than online. So before you go this route, ask yourself why are you choosing to go offline?

Maybe you’ve thought it through really well and you have some great reasons. Maybe you just think it’s something you “should” be doing. Offline advertising can be very successful, but it may not be the ideal place to start.

When I do start an offline list building campaign, I start with classified ads in targeted publications. They are more expensive than general publications, but I find the targeted traffic is worth it.

Let me give you an example. If I’m trying to drive people who are interested in anti-aging, I might focus on classified ads in a women’s health magazine.

And personally, I test, test, test. The purpose of testing is to try different approaches. Some of these will fail…that’s part of life! So you test to find the ones that fail and the ones that succeed!

One option is to drive people straight to a phone number. Also test driving people straight to an opt-in page that is set up strictly for that specific advertisement.

I highly recommend that you set up a separate domain for each publication that you are going to run in. Then forward that domain through a unique tracking link. That way you know exactly how many people came from that ad and exactly how many opted in to your ezine.

Otherwise you will have no idea what traffic came from which ad, how long the traffic lasted and so on. If you don’t know that, even if you have success, you can’t duplicate it! That would be a waste!

When driving offline traffic I suggest giving them as few steps as possible to get to your list-but again, test it. For one month drive traffic to an opt-in page. Then the following month, use the exact same ad in the exact same magazine except drive the people to an 800 number instead of the opt-in page.

Make the message on your 800 number really short. Immediately collect their name, mailing address, phone number, and email address right there on that message so you can follow up with them with voice broadcasts, with emails and with direct mail as well.

Don’t drive them to an opt-in page from a voice mail–that’s an extra step before you collect their information! Instead, focus on collecting their information quickly and then following up with them in a variety of means.

You can take the information you learn from your offline advertising and apply it to online advertising…but I would suggest you flip that around. Do some online testing…save some bucks…and then when you find something that works take it offline!

So while offline advertising can be a profitable internet marketing strategy, unless you know what you are doing or have a large budget you want to spend, I really recommend you start advertising online first. This will help you get your testing going, start your list building and will cost you less money in the long run. Otherwise, you’re going to be spending a lot of valuable money on testing offline advertising…and the majority of that won’t.

The Renaissance of Offline Marketing

One of the latest little niche markets online is actually offline marketing! Strange but true, and if you follow a few rules it can be very rewarding, especially if you are a people person. It is one of the simplest methods of learning for new marketers. It’s easy, and there is nothing technological involved.

There is a renaissance in offline marketing right now. As the large baby-boomer segment of the population is either retiring, or reaching retirement age, they are finding they don’t have enough money to live in the style they thought they could. They are looking for home-based businesses, without too much pressure, that can supplement their Social Security or savings.

These are people who have worked all their lives offline, and only a small proportion of them have good computer skills. They have also built up a network of long-standing business contacts and customers, so offline marketing is an excellent choice for them.

Do you fit this profile? If you knew how to do this effectively, could you fit into this niche?

Five Ways to Effectively Market Offline

1. Ask For Advice – Perhaps you have had a job before doing presentations. Your company should teach you how to present their products and services. If they don’t automatically teach you, ask to tag along with an experienced person who can show you how to do it. It takes practice. If you have an understanding family, you can practice on them!

If that isn’t an option, ask some of your most trusted friends around for coffee and ask if you can practice in front of them. Tell them what you are doing and why.

Close friends are truly the best critics, and as you are not selling them anything, it could prove to be a fun exercise.  Constructive feedback from them can only help you improve.  Try not to get upset about anything they say that is detrimental, they are only there to help after all. Who knows, they may even become customers, it’s usually the way if you’re not pitching anything. They will certainly always be asking you how you are getting along.

2. Ask For Help – Go through your old phone contacts and ask some of your old colleagues and previous co-workers to help you. Be honest – tell them what you are working on and you need to beg a favor.

3. A Local Event – Find other networkers in your area. You should be able to find local events by going to Join in the meetings and go out and network! It can be great fun and you will meet new people. Start your own group if there are people from your own team in your area.

4. Every Day Conversation – When you meet people and get to know them in every day life, you can talk about what you do. You may meet people who have lost, or simply hate their jobs. You can introduce your network marketing company to them and explain what you do. Get the word out however you can, but don’t pitch every time you do it, just let it enter into a conversation naturally.

Something like the paragraph below, brought into a normal everyday conversation, is informative and not a pitch:

I work in a company that promotes liquid Vitamins and Minerals for children and adults. If you watch the news, drive down the street, go to the mall, shop at Wal-Mart or Costco, or see commercials, you know that Vitamins and Minerals are offered almost everywhere, and people buy them because they are worried about their eating habits. They want to stay healthy, or always feel tired, have no energy, or have other physical problems where they know that vitamins would help. My customers like this product because it is in liquid form that is easy to take in a daily dose.

5. The Right Product – Make sure you choose the right product to promote; the product should meet certain criteria:

A. Easy to talk about. If it’s common in the mainstream (like Gold is) then it’s easier to talk about. The less explaining it takes, the more someone will believe that they can promote the product as well.

B. It has to be something unique. There are awesome juices and vitamins out there, but most people HATE taking vitamins, and with so many health and wellness choices out there it’s difficult to explain to someone why yours is better. I’ve seen two companies (out of over 4,000) in health and wellness that would work well.

C. You can take it with you. Having a product that is with you at all times is PRICELESS. This would also mean that it doesn’t require setting up a long demonstration either.

So if you can have it with you, it’s unique enough to spark interest, plus it’s easy to understand and talk about then you have the perfect product for marketing, both offline and online.

These are just 5 ideas.  I can’t go into full detail of exactly what to say for each method or this post would go on FOREVER.

Why not take advantage of ALL methods of marketing? This is the perfect time to get into offline marketing – while it is still in its infancy.

Practice your offline skills, share this page and Retweet it with anyone else you know who may be interested, and please leave a comment below.