Which is More Important, Health Or Wealth?

Despite the so much hype going on about making (online or offline), hardly would you find a soul that would simply prefer money to health. Everybody loves money no doubt but I know for sure that if you were giving a chance to take money or health, majority if not all will opt for health.

Imagine a beautiful story of a young man 35 years of age and already own an estate, a world class company a wonderful family and all. But suddenly his doctor diagnosed him to be suffering from an illness that may soon cause him his life. How beautiful a story can his wealth be!

He could have all in the world and yet no great state and well being to show for it. This “beautiful story” man is well compared to another man, who works for him, rents a house in his estate and has no problem at all with his health because he has always been health conscious. Though simple, this man, he lives longer and doesn’t face the pain and agony involved when in a state of illness.
Which do you want to belong to? Would it as the “beautiful man” or rather, the “simple man” story?

I challenge you, despite utmost intentions to make money amidst other desires, to give cognizance to your health for now and future. The internet experts in their field of expertise have hardly been heard of to be suffering from a strange illness or disease. They all seem to be healthy, don’t they?

There is no secret to it at all, it’s just that they are always, and I mean always aware of their health. Being healthy helps to keep them focused and their make their brains function to the fullest possible. This is one of the secrets to their success and victory both online and offline. It’s a no-brainer to ever compromise keeping up to date on issues regarding your health.

With common threatening illnesses such as arthritis, cancer, kidney problems, diabetes and so on, you can never be sure which is most dangerous. Anyone of them can really come attacking anytime but you can prevent any beforehand. Of course being abreast with up to date information could be a life saver, serving as a shield against the deadliest of attacks.

I encourage all, irrespective of status (it not about how much you earn or make), to be informed! Be on your feet always when it comes to your health.